Values-Based Investing

Your money can work towards achieving your personal financial objectives such as creating a secure and comfortable future for yourself, caring for and educating your family, or any other financial objective you may have.  The values and beliefs you hold are a fundamental part of how you live your life. Shouldn't they also be an essential part of how you invest your money? 

Values-Based Portfolios use a mix of equity and fixed income investments, and are designed to combine the strength and stability of bonds with the growth and vivacity of stocks. We employ a demanding multi-phase method that includes quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as performance studies to achieve a well-adjusted allocation. 

Values-Based investing goes by many names - it is variously referred to as socially responsible investing (SRI), environmental, social and governance (ESG), ethical investing, sustainable investing, triple-bottom-line investing, impact investing, green investing - but underlying these differing names is a common theme focused on long-term value creation. Value in this context refers not only to economic value, but to the broader values of fairness, justice, and environmental sustainability.

Faith-based investment portfolios are based on certain well-defined, religious-based values.  These serve as a guide in the selection of your custom style securities portfolio.   Our Wealth Managers follow these guidelines by using an unambiguous approach that focuses on values screening of portfolio companies and potential exclusion of those companies that are unwilling to alter their practices.

In choosing a Values-Based Portfolio, you can seek to achieve your financial goals while ensuring that your personal investment decisions have a positive impact on your lifestyle.  You can also exclude a variety of social categories, as well as individual securities, from your portfolio.

Values-Based investing does not ignore fundamental questions any investor should ask when building a portfolio, such as what is the investor’s time frame until retirement, what is his tolerance for risk.  But it adds an additional screen to be sure their money is going to companies that would not offend their principles.  

Values-Based Portfolios can provide you with:

  • A high level of transparency, with the ability to view individual holdings in your portfolio
  • An Individualized asset allocation plan for your portfolio based on your needs, risk tolerance, time horizon, and preferences.
  • A highly customized investment portfolio, broadly diversified across multiple asset classes, investment styles, and institutional money managers.

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