"We will either find a way or we will make one" Hannibal 400 BC

I believe that looking after people doesn't mean you must sell them stuff. As a Wealth Manager, I've concluded the best possible approach is to serve people as their lawyers and accountants do – never being in a conflict-of-interest situation. Always putting the client’s best interests first. If I did that well, I’d do well.

Today I know it works. When I began my financial services career as a junior financial advisor and life insurance agent. I was enthralled at the opportunity to be a proverbial sponge.  Learning all that I could, working hard and applying all that knowledge to the benefit of my clients and for my own professional education.  That enthusiasm quickly became my passion.  Now, my firm D'Arcy Wealth Management looks after clients across the United States who like having a fee-based advisor with an effective approach to investing, who takes an all-inclusive view of things. Making money is important, but so is understanding what someone’s total needs and aspirations are.

We endeavor to recognize the opportunities within global financial markets; by providing guidance to meet the next generation of financial challenges and investment opportunities.  We present a different approach to building, managing and preserving your wealth.  Our expertise is in delivering solid investment strategies, superior risk-adjusted returns while adhering to the highest ethical standards and prioritizing your interests above everything else. 

Our devout long-term investment ideology and methodology, of seeking above-average capital appreciation and dependent upon the client’s Risk Strategy; D’Arcy Wealth Management strives to strategically and tactically allocate assets to maximize return potential within our client’s specific objectives, given the current market and economic environment.  


Relevant Diversification - Is only truly garnered when one combines assets with unlike properties (low correlation) to achieve optimal efficiency. The diversification of the positions held within the portfolio is critical to its long-term success.

Astute Asset Allocation – Distributing investments among various classes of investment vehicles combined with our disciplined investment process; a clearly articulated investment style and exercise in the investment process consistently over a long period of time.

Systemic Risk Management - There will always be volatility. The risk of an event that will trigger a loss of confidence is one that we believe must be embraced.  Systemic risk and volatility are integral components of investing, not a disadvantage.  It is volatility that creates the opportunity for an investor.

I believe we at D'Arcy Wealth Management recognized the changing economic and wealth growing environments by having the strategic and tactical aptitude to avoid “cookie-cutter” investing and the limitations set on portfolios, allowing to not only potentially enhance portfolio performance, but, also permit for greater flexibility in tax-efficient management (where applicable) in an investor’s portfolio.

Bobby Cherry, President / Chief Investment Officer

D’Arcy Wealth Management Inc. is a fee-only registered investment advisory (RIA) firm.